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The following pages allow you to define your tissue request. You may navigate between all pages to make changes. After your request has been accepted, however, it cannot be altered. Please make sure that you have read through FAQ page.

Each request is limited to one diagnosis. If you wish to obtain samples with more than one diagnosis, please specify the additional diagnoses in the note field of the second page. As the number of diagnoses increases the likelihood of finding tissue which matches your request decreases.

There is no limit to the number of request you are allowed to place. Place one request for every diagnosis or histologic stain. To speed up data entry, the information of your previous request is carried over to your new request every time you click on the next request button.

We use the Brodman area map to denote the brain region from where the sample originated. Please think of this denotement as a target area rather than an exact and completely reproducible coordinate.

We take great care to match the area and the disease which you requested. However, very rarely can we provide a perfect match.